GR 20 from North to South: step by step

Carte maps IGN : 4149OT/4250OT - Download GPX file - French

Organizing his "Fra li Monti" GR 20 is essential: 6-9 hours walking per day, 180 to 200 km in total from 15 to 18,000 m elevation gain. The trail is not a easy walk, but a sporting hike that requires strong physical and mental conditions, knowledge of the mountain, technical preparation, adaptation to climate ... Kilian Jornet holds the record for the crossing ... 32 hours! Congratulations!

The FFRP guidebook (and / or IGN map) is imperative.
It is possible from Calinzana (departure GR North) to reach Conca (arrival GR South) within 10/15 days, or vice versa, or to stop halfway in 5 / 7 days until Vizzavona. The route north / south in the National Park of Corsica is preferred in June, September and October.

The main difficulty of the hike is to take the time: make a full trail with a 15/20 kg backpack (in total autonomy, gaz, tent, etc..). Water source is daily . Technical parts are many, steep, but ok by pulling on the arms and legs, just want it, just do it.


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Step 1 : From Calenzana
to refuge From l'Ortu di u Piobbu

Duration: 6h30
Alt. max : 1550m (crête Fucu)
Elevation gain : +1295m, -50m

Step 2 : From refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu
to refuge de Carozzu

Duration: 6h00
Alt. max : 2070 m (Capu Ladroncellu)
Elevation gain : +670m, -95m

Step 3 : From refuge de Carrozu
to Asco

Duration: 6h00
Alt. max : 2148m à la Muvrella
Elevation gain : +790m, -638m

Step 4 : From Ascu Stagnu
to Tighjettu

Duration: 6h00
Alt. max : 2118 m à Bocca Minuta
Elevation gain : +1000m, -790m

Step 5 :
From Tighjettu
to Ciottulu di i Mori

Duration: 4h00 From marche
Alt. max : 2020 m au refuge
Elevation gain : +600m, -80m

Step 6 :
From Ciottulu di i Mori
to Manganu

Duration: 8h00 From marche
Alt. max : 2020 m au départ
Elevation gain : +900m, -1300m

Step 7 :
From Manganu
to Petra Piana

Duration: 6h30 From marche
Alt. max : 2225 m Brèche From Capitello
Elevation gain : +830m, -589m

Step 8 :
From Petra Piana
to L'Onda

Duration: 5h00 From marche
Alt. max : 2020 m sommet Pinzi Corbini
Elevation gain : +490m, -900m

Step 9 :
From L'Onda
to Vizzavona

Duration: 5h30 From marche
Alt. max : 2020 m à Muratello
Elevation gain : +711m, -1221m

Step 10 : half way
From Vizzavona
to Capanelle

Duration: 5h30 From marche
Alt. max : 1640 m Bocca Palmente
Elevation gain : +890m, -224m

Step 11 :
From Capanelle

Duration: 5h30 From marche
Alt. max : 1820 m au refuge From Prati
Elevation gain : +642m, -408m

Step 12 :
From Prati to Usciolu

Duration: 5h45

Step 13 :
From Usciolu
to Asinau

Duration: 8h00

Step 14 :
From Asinau
to Paliri

Duration: 7h00

Step 15 : arrivée
From Paliri
to Conca

Duration: 5h00


Carte IGN : 4149OT/4250OT
GPX/KML for GPS Garmin/Oruxmaps

Budget : more than 50 euros a day, including 15 euros for B&B, 20 euros for diner and 15 euros for lunch


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